Do I tell customers about Hylite?

You can if you want, but there is no obligation!

Who do I tell if the Hylite signs are down?

Reach out to info@hylitepeople.com, and we will replace your sign as soon as possible!

Should I be worried if I don't receive Hylites immediately?

No! Sometimes it take a month for customers and businesses to adopt Hylite.

Will my business receive Hylites?

Yes, on average your business will receive 3-5 Hylites a week.

Can family and friends send Hylites?

Yes, within reason. Hylite's technology checks the validity of all Hylites.

Will the manager see the Hylites?

Yes, managers can see Hylites!

What happens to any negative feedback?

Hylite doesn't pass on negative feedback, only positive!

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