Help employees get the recognition they deserve, 

one text at a time.

Happy Employees. Loyal Customers. Positive Workplaces.

Hylite is simple and speedy.

1. Business displays Hylite sign (or gives out a card)

2. Customers text Hylite to recognize great employees

3. We share Hylites with employees and management

About Hylite Animated Video

To know us is to love us.

From restaurants to healthcare practices to anything in between - if you have customer facing employees, Hylite can help your business.


We deliver smiles - that's just who we are.

Hylite brings much needed positivity into the workplace and the lives of employees who deserve it most. We make it easy for customers to provide positive feedback about individual employees - all it takes is a text. Hylite boosts employee morale, leading to better customer service, more loyal customers and retention of the company’s best people.

For Businesses

  • Increased employee retention

  • Customer-trusted brand

  • Analytics on employee success

For Employees

For Customers

  • Appreciation from customers

  • Recognition from management

  • Happier work environment

  • Quick and easy - all it takes is a text

  • Your information protected

  • You can make someone's day



Server, Hillcrest Tavern

"What I like about Hylite is it's totally personal. In this industry, it's nice to have positive feedback!"


Co-Owner, Burger House

"I would definitely recommend Hylite. It is a breath of fresh air when it comes to what we do. Hylite encourages customers to be positive, and it's also a boost for the employees. We all like to get patted on the back!"