Help employees get the recognition they deserve, 
one text at a time.

Happy Employees. Loyal Customers. Positive Workplaces.

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How Hylite Works


1. Business displays Hylite sign, sticker, or card


2. Customers text Hylite to recognize great employees


3. We share Hylites with employees and management


Real Hylites about amazing employees

in retail, food, healthcare and beyond


"Marcus was very professional and helped me when there was an error with my order. He said everything with a huge smile on his face! Amazing personality and professionalism!"


"Sabrina, Dimple and Dar are Awesome. They are extremely helpful and friendly. You can tell they are smiling through the masks. I love it. A kind word is appreciated these days. Everyone is so nice at this Dunkin Donuts. I love going here for my sweet treats. The customer service is exceptional! Thanks Team <3"


"Hasan brings out the best in everyone! He is always smiling and full of energy. I look forward to seeing him when I go to the gym! You can tell he takes great pride in his job."


"Pancho has been serving our son since since he was 5 years old (now he's 7!). He always remembers our son's special order and takes great care of us every time we come in!"

"Ari has been incredible. I've been trying to transition from walking on the treadmill to jogging and she's been a huge help in getting me there. I'm new to working out in general and she just knows when I need a hard push and when I need encouragement to help keep me going. Thank you so much Ari!"


"Jon was kind, helpful, knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything well. Jon was absolutely the best Physician's Assistant I have ever experienced!"


Why Hylite

For Businesses

Increased employee retention
Customer-trusted brand
Analytics on customer success

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For Employees

Appreciation from customers
Recognition from management
Happier work environment

For Customers

Quick and easy
Your information protected
You can make someone's day

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