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Weekly Hylite Roundup (August 6)


We’ve got another batch of winners in this week’s Hylite Roundup! As always, our frontline employees are bringing their A-game and helping create meaningful experiences with customers. Keep reading to see some of the amazing things that have happened this week!

Dimple, Dunkin' Employee

The people love Dimple, and it’s easy to see why! Her cheerful attitude and great service has made her one of the top-Hylited employees at her location—great job!

Asset 46_2x.png
Asset 49_2x.png

T.J., Sinai Urgent Care Employee

In these times, going in for even basic medical tests can be daunting. It’s fantastic that TJ’s knowledge and friendly demeanor was able to turn a potentially stressful experience into a great one instead!

Sabrina, Dunkin' Employee

It doesn’t take much to make a huge impact on a customer—simply remembering their name, their order, or how they like their latte prepared can make a big difference!

Asset 48_2x.png
Asset 47_2x.png

Johnathan, Georgetown Gourmet Employee

All of these attributes—patience, pleasantness, helpfulness, and clarity—are some of the defining pillars of good customer service. Hats off to Johnathan for embodying each of these and doing a wonderful job!

Dar, Dunkin' Employee

Finally, let’s close this week’s Roundup off with some appreciation for good-old-fashioned manners and politeness. Dar’s gentlemanly demeanor has won over this customer, and will surely be noticed by many more!

Asset 45_2x.png

That’s all for this week’s Hylite Roundup! We hope you enjoyed this feature of some of the amazing members of the Hylite community. Tune in next week for even more examples of care, kindness, and positivity!

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