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Orangetheory Fitness


Members come to Orangetheory for a great, efficient workout and the Orangetheory team makes that happen! Quick feedback was crucial for busy members literally running in and out.


Hylite Was There To Help:

  • Hylite launched at multiple Orangetheory locations in the LA area

  • Signs were posted at the front desk, in common areas and lockers, and coaches mentioned Hylite during class announcements

  • It didn’t take long for glowing Hylites to begin pouring in—and since positivity and gratitude are core pillars of Orangetheory culture, the leadership team kept them posted for employees to see


of employees received
personalized Hylites


employees Hylited


more Hylites than
Yelp reviews



"Michael is always the warmest and welcoming. I think he’s exceptional at encouraging and also letting someone listen to their body. You have great energy Michael! Thank you for a good class!"

"Andrew is always so warm at the front desk, really gets you motivated to work out and be happy."

"These people are a bunch of hard workers & it shows. Coming in with kindness & thoughtfulness daily. They make OrangeTheory a place I cannot go without." 

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