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Humans of Hylite


     Dimple sits across the table, with her dark hair tied back and a gentle smile. She introduces herself simply as Dimple No-name-given. Though she does have a last name, nobody used it back in India since she was unmarried, she explains, so she didn’t think to give it when coming to the US a couple of years ago. “It’s much more important here,” she adds with a giggle.


     Dimple is one of the top-Hylited employees at the Dunkin’ on Grand Avenue in Long Island, NY, and when the Hylite team reached out about the opportunity for a feature, she was more than happy to oblige. She started work at Dunkin’ around a year ago, but had to leave work a few months in due to becoming sick with Covid-19. Since returning, she’s had to reduce her hours because of long-term Covid symptoms. Regardless of those setbacks, she’s as dedicated to her work as ever, and always tries to uphold her mantra of appreciating others everywhere she goes. 

     Back in India, Dimple worked in immigration law, running several of her own practices. She came to America to be with family, and with the hope of eventually getting married and raising her children stateside. Despite that, however, her former employees in India frequently ask about if she’s returning, and she expresses the desire to be able to go back sometime soon. But she isn’t upset about changing careers-- in her words, “there’s no such thing as good work or bad work. It’s all work. And I love my job.” Dimple, over and over again, expresses the importance of working hard and giving your all no matter where you are or where you’ve come from. “If you’re good in your heart, and you’re able, you can make it anywhere.” 

     With that kind of work ethic, it’s not surprising that customers are recognizing her so frequently through Hylite. In fact, Dimple has received more than 50 Hylites in the span of just a few weeks. “Amazing service from Dimple like always,” one writes. “I love coming to this location because of hard workers like her who have great people skills, always have a smile, and are energetic!” 

     Overall, Dimple is a shining beacon of not just what Dunkin’ employees should look like, but what any worker in any position should be. Humble, kind, and dedicated-- we could all be a bit more like Dimple, and we thank her for sharing her story!


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