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Weekly Hylite Roundup (October 9th)


We’ve got another batch of winners in this week’s Hylite Roundup! As always, our frontline employees are bringing their A-game and helping create meaningful experiences with customers. Keep reading to see some of the amazing things that have happened this week!

Efura, Wendys

There is nothing better than feeling welcome as a customer! We just launched at this Wendys in Munster, and we can see why customers have been raving about Efura’s warm personality. Shout-out to Efura!

Hilton (2).png

Pancho, Burger House

Remembering customers makes them feel so special! Regulars love leaving Hylites for employees they have gotten to know over the years. Amazing job to Pancho for making each interaction a positive one!

Jonathon, Sinai Urgent Care

Curious patients truly appreciate when team members like Jonathon take the time to explain and discuss questions. Thank you, Jonathan!!!

Hilton (3).png
Hilton (4).png

Larry, University Eye Specialists

One of the best compliments to hear as an employee is that someone is coming back because of YOU! Employees like Larry deserve to know the impact they have had on their customers. Keep up the great work, Larry!

Farid, Dunkin Employee

No matter how big or small the interaction, kindness goes a long way! Just saying a simple hello can make a customer’s entire day brighter. Thank you, Farid, for always providing service with a smile.

Hilton (5).png

That’s all for this week’s Hylite Roundup! We hope you enjoyed this feature of some of the amazing members of the Hylite community. Tune in next week for even more examples of care, kindness, and positivity!

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