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Wendy’s wanted to provide an easy option for customers to recognize their hard-working team and empower their hourly employees. They started off with a pilot to test using Hylite signs inside and outside the store. Employees were overcome with gratitude that their one minute interactions with customers warranted positive comments. It made every shift more meaningful!


Hylite Was There To Help:

  • Wendy’s launched Hylite at their first location

  • They set up signs at the drive-thru, near registers, and on tables—and they were pleasantly surprised to see that customers began leaving positive Hylites, even for the briefest interactions with employees!

  • Hylite made every shift feel more meaningful, and Wendy’s is preparing to launch Hylite at additional locations



of employees received at
least one personalized Hylite



more Hylites than
Yelp reviews


of Hylites were posted
as 5-star Google Reviews

"Joggin made my meal all the better on a tough day. They make me feel whole inside and make me feel immeasurably happy!"

"Marcus was very professional and helped me when there was an error with my order. He said everything with a huge smile on his face! Amazing personality and professionalism!"

"The two of them made my day. They made sure everything was correct. They gave me the best customer service in a long time."

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 2.58.00 PM.png

“When I sat at my table, I saw the Hylite QR code and remembered that Anne had just given me great service at the counter. I scanned the QR code and was prompted to give a brief description of the service I received. I’m happy and Anne’s happy- thanks to Hylite.”


-Brandon, Wendy's Customer

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