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Weekly Hylite Roundup (November 5th)


We’ve got another batch of winners in this week’s Hylite Roundup! As always, our frontline employees are bringing their A-game and helping create meaningful experiences with customers. Keep reading to see some of the amazing things that have happened this week!

Katie, University Eye Specialists

Having someone kindly and comprehensively explain what’s going on can truly go a long way in helping patients feel appreciated. We love to hear when professionals like Katie improve each patient’s experience with their warm personality and approachable manner. Keep up the great work!


Dar, Dunkin’ Donuts

Sometimes, all we need to perk up our day is a perfectly made coffee in the morning. Thank you, Dar, for your attention to detail when it comes to each customer’s order! It’s great to know that we can entrust our picky moms’ orders with you.

Alexandra, Sinai Urgent Care

COVID tests can feel uncomfortable and invasive, even if they’re necessary. Special shout-out to Alexandra for not only making the process comfortable, but also safe and fun! Professionals who put in the effort to ensure a smooth experience make a huge difference in their patients’ days.


Efura, Wendy’s

Nothing sounds more inviting than a warm welcome, genuine smile, and fresh fries! We love hearing that Efura’s sunny greeting and personality have been brightening each customer’s day. Thank you for serving us great food with a smile!

Isaiah and Ari, OrangeTheory Fitness

It’s easy to be nervous when you walk into a new gym for the first time, which is why empathetic trainers like Isaiah and Ari are invaluable to making each new experience welcoming and comfortable. The best thing a trainer can do is to inspire enough confidence to return for more workouts—great job to Isaiah and Ari!


That’s all for this week’s Hylite Roundup! We hope you enjoyed this feature of some of the amazing members of the Hylite community. Tune in next week for even more examples of care, kindness, and positivity!

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