June 7th Weekly Hylite Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite Hylites we’ve received recently! Each of these messages recognizes an employee that has gone above and beyond to make a memorable experience for their customers, and they deserve recognition for that! Take a look at some of the wonderful things people have to say:

Asset 1@2x.png

For Mark, From Run-On! 

We love this Hylite as it shows just how impactful a little extra time and care can be. Mark took an hour and a half out of his day to help this customer, and in doing so has found a lifelong fan and ensured future recommendations! And to see that he fit Cathy Bates-- what a star-studded guy! Well done, Mark!

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For Johnny, From Dunkin'

We’ve recently launched at Dunkin, and this is the very first Hylite that came in, and it couldn’t have been a more exciting one! Something we see a lot is just how much people appreciate a little bit of small talk and humor-- some personability can go such a long way, especially before they’ve had their morning coffee!

Asset 4@2x.png

For Naomi, From Sinai Urgent Care

Getting sick is a rotten experience that all of us have had to go through. Having someone to show you kindness and support during a tough time can be unspeakably important. Way to go, Naomi, for helping to turn what could have been a bitter ordeal into a positive memory!

Asset 3@2x.png

For Keke, From Woodlands American Grill

As people adjust back to in-person dining, it’s great to see servers stepping up and making it easy and enjoyable. It’s clear that Keke’s knowledge about the menu and her attentiveness made a huge impact on this person, keeping their meal easy, efficient, and delicious!

Asset 5@2x.png

For Rigo, Stephanie, and Sherry, From University Eye Specialists

Here’s an example of a team working together to make a positive impact! Going to the doctor can be stressful, but the care and friendliness displayed by Rigo, Stephanie, and Sherry made every part of the process-- from making the appointment, to going through the exam, and finally to checking out-- a breeze! Great work, guys!

That’s it for this week’s Hylite roundup! Tune in next week for another batch of Hylites to see more examples of great customer service being recognized!