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6 ways Hylite adds value to your business


With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to make others feel appreciated. As a positive-only text-based feedback service, Hylite is a great asset for companies wanting a quick and easy way for customers to comment and boost employee morale. Beyond Hylite’s ease of use and implementation, its singular focus on positive feedback helps businesses to thrive in other ways. Businesses that use Hylite have experienced reduced employee turnover, improved quality of customer service, and have received a variety of business improvement tools in order to help them to reach great heights.

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1. Happier Employees and More Positive Workplaces 

It’s no secret: people like to hear good things about themselves! But frequently, customers may think something positive but not have a good outlet to let it be known. With Hylite, it’s as simple as a text message to show appreciation for hard work. It can be difficult to work a thankless job, which is why providing thanks is one of the most important things to do. 

When employees receive a Hylite, they know that their efforts are being seen and appreciated; they know that they’re making a difference. They’re motivated to work harder, and to be even kinder, and to spread that positivity to their customers and coworkers, cultivating a positive workspace filled with happy employees.

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2. Better Customer Service

Knowing that one’s actions are making a difference is the best kind of encouragement. Hearing that customers appreciate it when employees go the extra mile and share a bit of kindness encourages employees to keep it up. At establishments where Hylite has been implemented, managers report an overall improvement in the quality of service, and much higher customer satisfaction, which has translated into higher sales. With high morale creating dedicated employees, it’s no surprise!

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3. Increased Customer Loyalty

During Hylite’s pilot program at Le Pain Quotidien, a notable Hylite for a server named Ricardo came in. “Ricardo has been my go-to server at LPQ for months,” the message read. “This is my favorite place in the neighborhood to eat, and it is because of his stellar service!”

Ricardo’s Hylite made something extremely important become clear: people were making repeat visits to establishments just because of great interactions they’d had with employees. And once the entire staff had received Hylites and seen the impact they were having on customers, they saw even more returning visitors. Happy employees working harder to provide great experiences ensures that happy customers will come back time and time again.

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4. Increased Employee Retention

In the service industry, it can sometimes be a struggle to prevent high rates of employee turnover. Employee loyalty isn’t just about pay and benefits: it’s about the kind of work environment that you cultivate. When Hylite spoke to employees at stores and restaurants where Hylite had been implemented, they frequently expressed feelings of honor, excitement, and loyalty that kept them motivated to come into work. Receiving Hylites and knowing that their efforts didn’t go unseen helped to fuel those feelings, making them more passionate about their work and driving them to work even harder.

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5. Business Improvement Tools


When you bring Hylite to your team, you’re not just getting Hylites-- you’ll be receiving so much more. Every quarter, Hylite will send you an analysis of the Hylites you’ve gotten that quarter, including key words and phrases, your most-Hylited employees, general themes that pop up in your Hylites, and insights about how to grow your business based on the feedback you’re getting through Hylite.


Hylite will also partner with your business to create promotional campaigns to drive new business on a regular basis. Not only this, but other Hylite partners have reported using Hylite feedback to improve performance evaluations, and even while hiring. Bringing Hylite to your business also brings a set of tools to help you grow even further.

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6. Increased Customer Feedback

When you want to provide the best possible service to your customers, it can be frustrating when you aren’t getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Traditional review platforms don’t always provide all the feedback you need. Thankfully, most businesses who use Hylite see up to 30 times as many Hylites as Yelp reviews in the same time period. No longer will you be left in the dark-- you’ll get quick, clear feedback, and lots of it!

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These are only a fraction of the benefits that Hylite can bring to your workplace, but they’re all incredibly important. Using Hylite is a valuable way to grow your business on every level-- from customer service interactions, to hiring and turnover, to business improvement. 

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