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Weekly Hylite Roundup (June 25)


We’ve got another batch of winners in this week’s Hylite Roundup! As always, our frontline employees are bringing their A-game and helping create meaningful experiences with customers. Keep reading to see some of the amazing things that have happened this week!

Sabrina, Dunkin' Employee

Mornings are hard for all of us-- which is why it means so much when someone makes you feel special first thing in the day! From getting orders perfect to making customers feel cherished, Sabrina is doing a great job!

Asset 9_2x.png
Asset 12_2x.png

Hasan, LA Fitness Employee

Every week, we get to see absolutely amazing feedback coming in from our LA Fitness location, and this was no exception! We couldn’t resist featuring Hasan, whose energy and friendliness made a huge impact on this gym-goer.

Darren, Run On! Employee

One of the more challenging situations as a retail worker can be when a customer knows exactly what they want, and won’t settle for less. Though that scenario can be stressful sometimes, thankfully Darren was able to get this person just what they were looking for, leading to one satisfied customer!

Asset 11_2x.png
Asset 10_2x.png

Michael, Woodlands American Grill Employee

While going out to dinner isn’t a rare event, it does take a special server to turn a good evening into a truly great evening. Fantastic service and exceptional humor-- what more could you ask for to create a memorable night out?

Dr. Bear, Sinai Urgent Care Employee

Medical care can be complicated and confusing, and one of the most important qualities of a doctor is being able to translate technical jargon into an understandable answer for their patient. Props to Dr. Bear for being patient and thorough and making sure that this patient was completely satisfied with their appointment!

Asset 8_2x.png

That’s all for this week’s Hylite Roundup! We hope you enjoyed this feature of some of the amazing members of the Hylite community. Tune in next week for even more examples of care, kindness, and positivity!

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