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Weekly Hylite Roundup (September 17)


We’ve got another batch of winners in this week’s Hylite Roundup! As always, our frontline employees are bringing their A-game and helping create meaningful experiences with customers. Keep reading to see some of the amazing things that have happened this week!

Ethan, I Love Juice Bar Employee

Customers don’t always know what they want, so they appreciate patience as well as suggestions when they are scanning the menu! Shout out to Ethan for the A+ service.

Weekly Roundup Hylites (Wix).png
Weekly Roundup Hylites (Wix) (1).png

Gillian, Sinai Urgent Care Employee

Going to the doctor can be scary for many patients, but we are so thankful for nurse practitioners like Gillian who have a warm presence! Thank you Gillian for being the human form of sunshine!

Valeria, Burger House Employee

Valeria goes above and beyond for her customers. Her sweet personality and attention to detail don’t go unnoticed! Keep up the good work, Valeria!

Weekly Roundup Hylites (Wix) (2).png
Weekly Roundup Hylites (Wix) (3).png

Dimple, Dunkin' Employee

Dimple is a fan favorite! Her friendly personality keeps the Hylites coming in and the customers coming back. Way to go, Dimple!

Ida, University Eye Specialists Employee

Ida’s warm heart and spirit went a long way with this patient! Making customers and patients feel comfortable is important in any job. We appreciate you, Ida!

Weekly Roundup Hylites (Wix) (5).png

That’s all for this week’s Hylite Roundup! We hope you enjoyed this feature of some of the amazing members of the Hylite community. Tune in next week for even more examples of care, kindness, and positivity!

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