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Burger House 

How Hylite showcased positive feedback and boosted employee morale in beloved burger chain, Burger House.

Burger House has been a Texas favorite since 1951. For decades, customers have been driving across the state for a taste of Burger House’s mouthwatering burgers, seasoned fries, and old fashioned shakes. But the food isn’t the only thing that keeps customers loyal; Burger House is run on traditions that make customers feel special the second they walk through the doors. Whether it’s the hand-taken orders, the by-name greetings, or the extra effort put in to get everything just right - Burger House goes above and beyond for their customers.


Yet, there was a problem: the Burger House employees didn’t know how much they were truly appreciated. 


Co-owners Chris and Sonny began to notice this low employee morale before Covid-19, but with the added stress and pressure of the pandemic, they realized they needed to take action to make sure their employees were happy and Burger House stayed the positive spot it had always been. They needed a solution that would make employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated. They needed a way to let employees know that their work really made a difference in their customers’ lives. They needed Hylite.


Hylite launched at Burger House’s Mockingbird location in Dallas, TX. Burger House put up two Hylite signs, and the Hylites started pouring in! Employees and customers alike loved Hylite, so, after a few months, they introduced Hylite at all four locations.


“Hylite is a breath of fresh air when it comes to what we do.” Chris Canellos, co-owner of Burger House says, “It encourages customers to be positive, and it’s also a boost for the employees. We all like to get patted on the back.” Hylite brought a layer of confidence to Burger House employees that wasn’t there previously. Employees no longer felt that they were just serving burgers and fries; Hylite helped them realize they were making a difference in the lives of their customers. 


Imagine if all your employees loved coming to work, were finding creative ways to help customers, and were constantly exchanging best practices and striving to do better. That’s what Hylite did for Burger House, and that's what Hylite can do for you.

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“I love Hylite. It gives me good input on how people feel when they come in and how they feel they’re treated. It makes me feel honored, like I’m really doing something right.”


-Jose, Manager at Burger House Hillcrest

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