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4 Ways to Show Kindness in Your Life


At Hylite, we’re all about spreading small acts of kindness. From a nice word to a smile, you never know how easy it is to make someone’s day. Read on for more tips on how to show more kindness to those in your life!

1. Do a Chore

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From laundry, to dishes, to vacuuming, we all have chores that we dread. Doing a chore that someone-- your partner, your parent, or your neighbor-- particularly dislikes can be a huge weight off their shoulders. For a simple way to show kindness to a loved one, step up and take care of a chore they despise.

2. Give a Compliment

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Words are free, but have value nonetheless. Giving a compliment can always make someone’s day. Try to stay away from appearance-based compliments-- compliment someone’s sense of humor, or their intelligence, their skill, or even something as simple as the design of their favorite mug. Each person is different, and each person has something worth recognizing!

3. Cook a Meal

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Nothing unites people more than their need to eat. Friends, family, and coworkers will all find themselves, at some point, sitting down to a meal together. For that reason, cooking for someone else is almost universally meaningful. There’s a reason we say that the best meals are cooked with love!

4. Have a Conversation

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The truth is that so many of us, especially in the past year and a half, can feel very isolated. Caught up in our own bubbles, it can be difficult to connect with new people. In that sense, sometimes the kindest thing you can do is talk to someone. Ask them about their dreams, their pets, their kids-- all things that people love to talk about, but don’t always get the opportunity to! Giving people that kind of attention and care is one of the kindest things you can do.

We hope that this article inspired you to perform some acts of kindness today! Want to spread the love? Click here to sign up with Hylite and make kindness even more commonplace!

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