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Le Pain Quotidien Case Study

Transforming employee motivation and engagement at fast casual chain, Le Pain Quotidien, using Hylite. 

Le Pain Quotidien -- French for “the daily bread”-- first opened in Brussels in 1990. Known for its simple, delicious meals, and its famous open-faced sandwiches (or tartines), the franchise has since spread across the globe. Simply called LPQ by its dedicated customers, thousands of people gather around those signature communal tables every day to enjoy good food and high quality service.

Tina, a district manager of nine LPQ locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan, wanted to take steps to ensure that her employees provided exceptional service. Despite Tina’s dedication, it was impossible for her to be on the floor 24/7. Hylite presented an easy way to paint a picture of the quality of service being provided even when she was away. She knew she’d found the perfect solution.

Tina still remembers her reaction to first hearing about Hylite. “Oh, my God,” she recalls thinking, “This is great! I can get constant customer feedback without me being present. And I really like the ease and efficiency of Hylite.” 

Hylite and LPQ teamed up for a trial period at one of Tina’s locations. After simply displaying a small Hylite sign on each table, the effect was instantaneous, far exceeding Tina’s expectations. “The first month was eye opening,” Tina says, recounting just how helpful Hylite was for business. Flooded with constant, positive feedback, the team started to realize just how many regulars were returning time and time again because of their favorite servers. “The surprise on my employees’ faces when they saw their Hylites was priceless,” Tina recounts. The team had no idea that guests were so touched by their service. 


"Hylite has changed everything! Our employees are so much happier, more energized, and we’re getting more foot traffic and revenue!” 


-Wenzie, General Manager at LPQ

Overnight, morale turned around. Employees were more engaged; those that had already received Hylites were fueled by their newfound appreciation, while those that hadn’t been recognized yet viewed it as a challenge. With the employees more energized, the location saw an increase in foot traffic, higher revenue for the month, and more customer feedback than ever before. Hylite even improved the performance review process, as Tina and the team could get a better perspective on employees who were great with customers yet shy around management. 

At LPQ, Hylite helped employees to see the impact they were making with their service, and for management to see the effort their employees were putting in every day, making work more meaningful for everyone. All it took was a simple change-- a few signs and texts-- but it impacted everything for the better. As Tina puts it, “Everyone likes hearing something good about themselves. When employees are recognized for their hard work, they pay it forward to the customers.” Get started today, and find out how Hylite can help transform your workplace.


"It lifts me up to be able to say positive things and to have a resource to do so. I might think it, but I might not say it, and Hylite gives me an outlet to do it. I think it’s terrific.” 


-Kimberly, Customer at LPQ

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A real Hylite for Ricardo at LPQ

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