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How Positivity Impacts the Workplace 

By Kayla Tumblin


From encouraging positive attitudes on an individual level to implementing company-wide initiatives, positivity can have a substantial impact on all aspects of a workplace. Positivity can be encouraged through various approaches facilitated by management. Regardless of which are chosen, it is essential to ensure that there are practices in place to create a positive environment for your employees.

Benefits of a positive workplace

Boosts Morale

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of positivity is positive morale. Given the past year, companies have had to get creative with strategies to boost employee morale. This is important because employee morale has been directly linked with employee engagement (see below), which is tied to productivity.


Employee Engagement

Focusing on positivity when discussing employee performance can help employees feel more connected to their work and company. A study done by Gallup shows that 67% of employees who strongly agree that their manager focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics are engaged, compared to just 31% of employees who strongly agree their manager focuses on their weaknesses. 

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Improved Productivity 

Positivity boosts productivity, increases energy levels, and reduces stress; all of which have been shown to make people more productive. Specifically, employees in customer service roles provide improved customer service when in positive work environments.


Employee Retention 

Prioritizing positivity can directly improve your bottom line by reducing expenses associated with employee turnover. Having positive reinforcement feedback processes in place improves employee retention; happy employees are often long-term employees.

How to Foster Positivity


Sharing tips with your employees on how to manage their own responsibilities and stress can help them focus on positivity on a personal level. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as offering weekly tips or creating wellness challenges.


Another key aspect of fostering a positive work environment is leading by example. Anyone in a leadership role has the responsibility to set the tone. If a leader complains about work or makes negative comments, this will trickle down and other employees will emulate the same behavior. 

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Feedback is an integral part of success within any business. While constructive feedback is oftentimes the focus, positive feedback is equally as important. Establish positive feedback as a regular practice and acknowledge what employees have done well. 


Another facet is customer feedback. Hearing from a customer who has had a positive experience will show employees their efforts are recognized and appreciated, which encourages them to continue.

Leaving feedback isn’t always a straightforward task, however, and a simpler process can help employees to see how much they’re appreciated. Hylite, a text-based feedback service, creates a direct channel of positive feedback between customers and their favorite employees. The result is a much higher volume of feedback, focused on positive experiences, which in turn fosters healthy work environments. Integrate Hylite into your workplace and start building a more positive work setting right away!

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Peer Recognition

Peer feedback is another way to foster positivity. This can be as simple as occasionally starting meetings by dedicating 30-60 seconds for people to take turns giving shoutouts to their peers for recent accomplishments. Another option is to have a regular system in place, like an employee of the month or other recognition that is determined by the entire staff by voting. 


We have just scratched the surface of the ripple effect positivity can have on an organization’s success. Research and studies have been able to prove the substantial impact positivity has, and there are even more benefits that are not even able to be quantified - like the impact a positive interaction can have on a person’s day, or even life.

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