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Our Story

A “thank you” is not always enough – especially when an employee changes the trajectory of your day by memorizing your order, problem solving, or being kind to your kids. How many times have you gone the extra step to recognize an employee? Unfortunately, long surveys, reaching out to management, or writing an online review all have too many hurdles.


Hylite was built out of a true desire to better recognize frontline employees. Our founder, Marissa Fetter Hochster, spent over a decade at investment banks working in people development and employee success. What she noticed was that one positive comment from a manager could motivate an employee for weeks, if not months, yet for frontline workers there was no such avenue for recognition.

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Marissa, a University of Texas at Austin and Harvard Business School Grad, wanted to make it easier for frontline employees to get the positive feedback they deserve, which meant building a revolutionary tech platform that 1) simplifies a customer’s ability to recognize an employee in less than 20 seconds, and 2) aggregates positive feedback, along with insights and analytics for managers to use regularly.


The current labor crisis and Gallup research shows that businesses need Hylite more than ever.

  • An astonishing 65% of Americans reported receiving zero recognition for good work in the last year

  • Employees who receive strengths feedback from their managers have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than those for employees who do not.

  • 69% of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated

Marissa’s strong conviction in positive reinforcement, ease of customer engagement, and the need to recognize the hardest working are the pillars that make Hylite unique. Hylite realizes Marissa’s vision to recognize the barista that greeted her every morning with a warm smile; the janitor who remembered her birthday; the cafeteria worker who made her laugh every day. 

Does your organization have amazing employees that deserve to be recognized? Sign your team up for Hylite here or reach out to to learn more.

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