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Featured Hylites

“Ashley is staying super calm even though it's crazy busy and they are short handed. Very polite! Great customer service.”


“Johnny is so sweet. He gets my coffee perfect every time, asks how my day is, always puts a smile on my face, recommends new products, remembers all of his frequent customers by name, always in a positive mood, and likes to make people laugh!”


“David was so helpful, patient and answered all of my questions! He had to multitask and was still on top of his game.”


“Holly's explosive energy right out of the gate for the 7:45AM class got me pumped and helped me build momentum throughout the workout. Stellar sense of humor as well! It was one of the best workout experiences I've had in a while.”


“Hasan brings out the best in everyone! He is always smiling and full of energy. I look forward to seeing him when I go to the gym! You can tell he takes great pride in his job.”


“Matty has the sweetest smile, and it's contagious when taking your order. The recommendations for us 1st time visitors were perfect, and delicious.”


"Munaza is always phenomenal! She always has a delightful disposition, is a great conversationalist (for both the kids and parents!), does a GREAT job with the hair cuts, but is also super speedy as well! We drive about 40 minutes each way just for her and it's totally worth it. Thank you so much Munaza!"


"Yovanna helped me with directions, and she cleaned my room very well."


"Raike was a pleasure and took great care of us. Thank you!"


"Julia has a big smile and she is very helpful!"


“Jon was very personable and friendly, explained everything thoroughly and made the whole experience a good one.”


“Sarah is my favorite! She remembers me and details of my life. She genuinely cares and always exudes an incredibly positive attitude and outlook. Every time I come in, I hope she'll be on my care team during my exam. Her dedication and compassion is greatly appreciated. Thank you Sarah for being such a wonderful part of my appointments!”


"Jose always has a smile on his face and is great with the customers!!"


My new doctor is awesome! Dr. Jessica Schwartz is mindful, caring, and concerned about my health.

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