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Weekly Hylite Roundup (June 11)


Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite Hylites we’ve received recently! Each of these messages recognizes an employee that has gone above and beyond to make a memorable experience for their customers, and they deserve recognition for that! Take a look at some of the wonderful things people have to say:

Hasan & Erin, LA Fitness Employees

We love this Hylite for its heartfelt simplicity. It doesn't take grand gesture to leave an impression on someone, just being there and helping can be incredibly impactful! And of course, it always cheers us up when someone leaves a heart... <3

Asset 2_2x.png
Asset 5@2x.png

Johnny, Dunkin' Employee

We’ve recently launched at Dunkin, and this is the very first Hylite that came in, and it couldn’t have been a more exciting one! Something we see a lot is just how much people appreciate a little bit of small talk and humor-- some personability can go such a long way, especially before they’ve had their morning coffee!

Naomi, Sinai Urgent Care Employee

Getting sick is a rotten experience that all of us have had to go through. Having someone to show you kindness and support during a tough time can be unspeakably important. Way to go, Naomi, for helping to turn what could have been a bitter ordeal into a positive memory!

Asset 4@2x.png
Asset 3@2x.png

Keke, Woodlands American Grill Employee

As people adjust back to in-person dining, it’s great to see servers stepping up and making it easy and enjoyable. It’s clear that Keke’s knowledge about the menu and her attentiveness made a huge impact on this person, keeping their meal easy, efficient, and delicious!

Rigo, Stephanie, and Sherry, University Eye Specialists Employees

Here’s an example of a team working together to make a positive impact! Going to the doctor can be stressful, but the care and friendliness displayed by Rigo, Stephanie, and Sherry made every part of the process-- from making the appointment, to going through the exam, and finally to checking out-- a breeze! Great work, guys!

Asset 2@2x.png

That’s it for this week’s Hylite roundup! Tune in next week for another batch of Hylites to see more examples of great customer service being recognized!

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