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Citra Urgent Care Case Study

Citra Urgent Care, formerly known as Sinai Urgent Care, has been dedicated to ensuring transparent, honest, and patient-focused healthcare experiences in Texas since 2015. Their staff was always ready for anything, and Citra Urgent Care knew their customers felt safe and cared for at all times. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and healthcare worker burnout began to rise, Citra Urgent Care quickly realized that their employees needed more explicit and clear feedback about the incredible care they were providing their patients and families.

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Total Hylites


Individual employees who received at least one Hylite


More Hylites than Yelp Reviews

How We Did It:

  • In late March of 2021, Hylite launched at Citra’s University Park location in Dallas, TX with 46 employees

  • Signs were placed in the waiting area and in each patient room. Hylites began pouring in! 

  • Patients and employees loved the positive appreciation cycle so much that by September of 2021, Hylite had been launched at all remaining Citra locations. 


“I’m the quiet one… but now I’ve heard [compliments] from higher-ups like doctors and it’s nice. I’m recognizable now.”


-Jenny, Citra Urgent Care Employee

(Medical Assistant)

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