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Staples wanted to make sure their hard-working and talented employees were aware of the positive impact they had on their customers. Staples also wanted to understand what they were doing right to keep customers coming back. The insights provided in the Hylites gave the leadership team a clear picture of how to best engage and retain loyal customers.


Hylite Was There To Help:

  • Staples has fully embraced Hylite! From a grand launch to reading Hylites aloud over the headset for all to hear, Staples management is celebrating each and every Hylite and making sure their employees get the recognition they deserve!

  • Since launching Hylite, Associates are even more motivated to find ways to go above and beyond for customers



Total Hylites


Employees Hylited


More Hylites than Yelp Reviews

"Very helpful! Stopped what she was doing and took me right to what I was looking for! Great customer service!"

"Fast, friendly, and took such great care of my project. Thank you so much for everything!"

"Aiden is my superman with
faxes and printing. I don’t
know how to do any of this!"


“On a typical day at Staples, we race across the sales floor... We tell customers to give us a Hylite, or shoutout if they were happy with our service... Once I get a free moment, I check my phone and pull up the Hylites... I read them over the radio as I see even more smiles fill up the entire store. I hear Jason bragging, Alexys is dancing, and Jesse is definitely smiling behind his mask.”


-Louise Terrell-Holmes, Staples General Manager

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